Friday, December 15, 2006

Finished with another semester....cough cough!

Well another semester here at CCC has come and gone, but like some of us, I still have to finish work that should have been done ages ago. A paper here, a final there: it all seems to work like clock work every year. You plan on doing things differently, like doing your work diligently so you don't fall behind at the end of the year, but it never fails. You fall behind and you put things off; the spirit of procrastination takes over, and bam! its finals week again...

But I will once again venture to say that this is my last semester putting things off to the last minute. I will prevail next semester.

A few of us here in the dorms are thinking of doing a study night, or as I like to call it, stay in your own freeken' room night and do your home work. But I guess study night just has a better ring to it. So... this is how it works. Every Wednesday night we will be in our rooms, doing homework. That simple. One day a week. Every week. This way we are not caught off guard with term paper, midterms, and finals.

If you like, you could also join us. It is as simple as doing your home work every Wednesday night.


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