Monday, April 21, 2008

Papa's Birthday

If you do not know I'm really into sports, but it is hard to watch most on tv, especially baseball, it is the worst, but I love watching baseball live. A few Friday's ago me and Lizzie's family went to watch the Fresno Grizzlies play the Tucson Sidewinders in Downtown; we were celebrating her dad's 39th birthday...

Just as most Grizzlies games they were trailing the whole time and looked to be a blow out; but if you caught the highlights you saw that in the bottom of the ninth-inning the Grizzlies came back and made five runs to win 6-5. It was such a blast. And since it was the opening day game there was an awesome fireworks show.

One thing that I would have liked to be different is that the concession stands would move faster; and the best way to make this happen is for them to accept credit cards. It was so bad, first I find out they were cash only then I find out that the entire park only has one ATM, which of course has a line as long as the concession stands. But this was not bad enough to dampen the mood too much, it was more of a nuisance that made me know that next time I'm going to eat before and bring in my own snacks.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


What is it about abbreviations that we seem to like so much? I'm watching AFV, or what I grew up calling America's Funniest Videos. I mean, what is AFV, it sounds like a off-road motor vehicle. I don't know, I just feel that some thinks should not be abbreviated and others it makes total sense; one that does is KFC, I mean that just seems to sound a lot better. On the other hand you can take New Kids On the Block and there reinvention NKOTB what was whack.. Not that the New Kids were ever cool. But then again I really hate the idea of hanging tough I mean, what does that mean: sounds like they want a fist in the face.

I place the picture only for all your amusments. And cuz I just happen to know some folks who really like them.