Monday, March 16, 2009

He's not ashamed to let you know

These days it seems like so many are afraid to say they believe in Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I can name quite a few closet Christians, former worship bands now mainstream, Pop singers who grew up Christian now lost in a drunken world... I'll stop there so that I can point out a positive. Lately, I feel the Lord showing me famous people who aren't ashamed.

Today, it was Albert Pujols, first baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals. A few weeks ago, it was the Jonas Brothers. Before that, it was Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers, Kirk Cameron again, Miley Cyrus, Brad Lidge a Phillies pitcher, Tony Dungy, David Tyree to name a few... It's exciting to say the least.

As dark as the world seems at times, I see beacons of light that the Lord is using.

Check out Albert Pujols in this weeks Sports Illustrated where he unapologetically tells the world what he is all about...


"We're in this era where people want to judge other people," Pujols says. "And that's so sad. But it's like I always say, 'Come and test me. Come and do whatever you want.' Because you know what? There is something more important to me - my relationship with Jesus Christ and caring about others. More than this baseball. This baseball is nothing to me."

Sports Illustrated asked, So how can you be a baseball hero in 2009? They answer their own question with this last quote, "You know how I want people to remember me?" Pujols asks. "I don't want to be remembered as the best baseball player ever. I want to be remembered as a great guy who loved the Lord, loved to serve the community and who gave back. That's the guy I want to be remembered as when I'm done wearing this uniform. That's from the bottom of my heart."


And that I say is the real deal.

I am happy to say I believe him, and glad to say I wouldn't mind him breaking Hank Aaron's record, the original and true 755.

Where's the hand coming from?

These both came from a Disney Outlet Store, yet, one seems out of place. Can you tell me what's wrong with the keychain? It took a 13 year old to point out that the hand was coming out of the shorts...

Way Happy Fun Time

On my way to work I was going to stop by a vender's shop, I didn't know that would be a problem for my car. After meeting for an hour I went back out to my car and the key would not turn. The shop-owner and a few other workers try to help but there was nothing they could do, I need a new ignition. Three hours later At&t's road side service arrives to "whisk my car away."

So, I missed an afternoon at work and will have to make up for all my lost work this week, GREAT! I thought last week was bad, this week is not starting off that great.

But none the less, I have a car to break down on me.. while others struggle to make ends meet.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quiet Sunday Afternoon

How easy is the life of a cat? Little Orange and I shared a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on My iBook

Well I finally got to bed about 3a.m. and just had to call it a night, mostly because I had to report in to work at 8a.m. this morning. I had a mixed bag of results from the iBook. I got the "all is good" sound that greets you when you turn on a Mac, then a brief flicker of the screen, all seems good.. then a high pitched whine and fan spinning, and no more. Yeah, I think the just decided to go out (hopefully), but I have another extra one.

I'll probably try to finish up tonight, and if I can’t get this 12" iBook to work it will just give me more of a reason to buy a 9" dell and put OSX on it.

Mad Computer Science

Two broken iBooks will hopefully become one good iBook. Yeah, I was wired off StarBucks.