Thursday, October 15, 2009

These Last Two Months

Just a few more days to my wedding, and even less to finish all my class assignments for this session. It seems when I feel like I can't handle any more stress more is placed upon me. It is in these times when I feel the Lord's presence around me and the people of God covering me in prayer.

School began with me quitting my job in mid-June and from that point it has been nothing but school. Well except for half a week that I had off between sessions. This semester is going to be the same. I have one week off, this just happens to be the week that I am getting married, next week. My next class begins two days after the wedding and when my first assignment is due I don't even think I will be in the country. Sadly, this is why I will be having to bring my computer, and maybe even some books with me to get some work done. Because these are eight week intensive classes, getting behind is so easy to do, and catching up is next to impossible.

Some pictures of my life these last few months.

Notice my little window into the world (email, facebook, twitter, & yes even myspace)

These pictures where taken as I was preparing for my Old Testament class finals in my last session. As you can see I was having my great lunch of turkey on whole grain bread, half a cup of low fat cottage cheese, and a diet pepsi. The "desk" is really my dining room table because usually I have twice as much stuff out at once, this was a study day for the OT and my office desk is too small; and the office doesn't have a large HD TV in it with a DVD player to watch my lectures.

This next week will hopefully bring some relief before the big day. Lizzie went and got me some face "productos" so I don't look half dead.

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