Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Dell Mini 9

It has been about a week now that I have had my new Dell Mini 9.  I have been putting it through it's paces for a while now to see if it really will fill in the role I need it to.  I have an 8 gig set up with 1 gig of ram and windows xp home edition, and it runs really nimble for being a slower processor.  It is actually the slowest computer I use but I don't really notice it.  This may be because I type noticeably slower with it too.  

Two draw backs that I have found is that the keyboard is small, but I knew that going into it, the other is that the 8 gig set up is too small for serious use with xp home.  I don't even have MS Office on it yet and I'm already down to under 500 megabytes.  But the fact that it has a 4 in 1 card reader makes up for it cuz a 16 gig card is not too pricey. 

As I continue to see issues I'll continue to post more info.

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