Sunday, October 21, 2007

Concentration Problems

These last three weeks I have found extremely hard to concentrate for more then 15 minutes on any one task that I place in front of myself. I'm not really sure what is causing this, but it is extremely frustrating. It may be just as simple as ADD, or is it ADHD, I forget which. In fact this is what is what is going on right now. I should be finishing up my or if not I should just go to sleep. But as soon as I think about going to sleep I tell myself, no I should finish my homework so I don't have to wake up early, then I don't do my work for like two minutes in the time that I waisted thinking about these two option...

Dang I wish their was a simpler option; like secret option number three of letting myself space out and all my homework will get done and I won't loose sleep over it.


  1. LOL "like secret option number 3" rofl that was awesome. and i've been the same way dude, lately i can't concentrate on one thing i keep starting something then getting side-tracked, then like 'oh yeah i was doing this' then back and forth, until i have like eight different things going on at once and all only partially done with nothing ever complete and it sucks. uh, btw, this is Shara so you know lol.

  2. Yeah, but it never happens :(