Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just a few words.

So a few things that have been going on, like always I'm still working a lot, and going to school a lot!; and like always trying to joggle all that and still try to have a bit of sanity. In the midst of it all I've been trying to find time to grow the I'm working ministry at Millbrook Church. One of which that is very exciting is Life Brook that will soon be launching a website, check it out sometime in the future. The Super Bowl was great, my family is still growing, and I have a new addition to my life digital family (My MacBook).

Well first of all I've been getting a lot of grief from people, mostly at work, who have been saying that I have not been very excited for my team, the New York Giants, who totally stomped all over the New England Patriots, for winning the Super Bowl in what I would say was their great Super Bowl win ever and one of the greatest games of recent NFL history. All I have to say to that is you had to be there! While I was watching the game I probably sat for a total of five minutes in the second half and was rumored to have even jumped in jubilee when Eli Manning and David Tyree connected for the amazing sac defying, helmet catch. Almost everyone I knew was routing of the Giants, just a few rotten apples in the bunch.

As if that was not exciting enough I have also finally decided to upgrade my computer. I've been using my iBook for the past five years and I loved it a whole lot. It did everything I wanted it to do, until I got my iPhone and found out that it “requires” a computer that has usb 2.0... I didn't have that. This was a good enough excuse to invest in a new machine. And like every rookie to the new MacBook's, we took a whole lot of pictures with my new iSight; that was sweet, you should check out Lizzie's myspace, she's posted a bunch of them there on her site.

Next week is looking to be really active. I've been invited to preach at my old church, Bethany Inner City this next Sunday. I've been really thinking and praying about what to preach about but at this point can not say what I will be speaking about. I'll probably be just as surprised as they are.

A few fun sites I've been looking at this past week:

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